Heartland International
Film Festival

October 6-16, 2022

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#HIFF30 Recap


Thank you for supporting Heartland Film in 1991, and thank you for supporting us today in 2021! Few film festivals make it to this remarkable milestone and because of you, we're still here showcasing films that do more than entertain. 

From October 7-17, we had Q&As with 95+ filmmakers, hosted 162 screenings at five locations, and streamed 420,000+ minutes of film! And because of you, the 2021 Heartland International Film Festival had the highest number of attendees in our 30 years history!

Whether this was your first or 30th Festival, we hope you made memories that will last a lifetime. We loved Rewinding 30 Years of Heartland Film with you! 


See you at #HIFF31, October 6-16, 2022! Cheers to the next 30 years! 



#HIFF30 Event Titles


Heartland Film has hosted the annual Heartland International Film Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana since 1992. We strive to be the preeminent destination for connecting audiences and filmmakers to experience the transformative power of film. This festival has grown from a four day event with fewer than 20 films to what is now an 11-day celebration that typically showcases 300+ feature film screenings and 200+ filmmakers.


Experience the transformative power of film.

Someone speaks at a microphone.

Submissions for #HIFF31 are now open! 

Be a part of the largest and longest running film festival in the state by submitting your film now.

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Over 30 Years

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$3.5 Million Awarded to Filmmakers since 1992

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MovieMaker's Top 50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee

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#HIFF30 Awards

Narrative Feature Grand Prize

$20,000 Grand Prize


Documentary Feature Grand Prize

$20,000 Grand Prize

Indiana Spotlight Award

$2,000 cash prize

Heartland Horror Award

$2,000 cash prize

Richard D. Propes Social Impact Awards

(Narrative, Documentary)

$2,000 cash prizes

Jimmy Stewart Legacy Award

$5,000 cash prize

Humor & Humanity Award

$2,000 cash prize

Best Premiere Awards

(Narrative, Documentary)

$2,000 cash prizes

FIPRESCI Best US Directorial Debut for USA Narrative Feature

Indiana Film Journalists Association Best Directorial Debut for an International Narrative Feature

Audience Choice Winners

(Overall, Narrative Special Presentation, Documentary Special Presentation, Narrative Official Selection, Documentary Official Selection, Indiana Spotlight, and Heartland Horror)

An audience watches a film.

Rewinding three decades of Heartland Film history.