Indy Shorts International
Film Festival

Summer 2023

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2022 Festival

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The tents are down and the #IndyShorts2022 carnival is leaving town. We'd like to give a standing ovation to our filmmakers, volunteers, board members, advisory council, sponsors, staff, interns, members, partners and of course our attendees! You are the real magic of Indy Shorts! 


Over six days, we witnessed 150 short films,  streamed 7,000+ short films, met 100 talented filmmakers, awarded $30,000+ in cash prizes, presented three Oscar® qualifications, consumed 700 bags of cotton candy, and made countless memories!


We're proud to know that we are forever THE GREATEST SHORTS ON EARTH!



The Academy Award®-Qualifying Indy Shorts International Film Festival presented by Heartland Film is the largest shorts festival in the Midwest running in Indianapolis, Indiana, since 2018! Originally an expansion to the Heartland International Film Festival, Indy Shorts has become its own six day summer festival that celebrates the unique, creative and captivating art of short films in a wide range of categories including horror, comedy, documentary, narrative, animated, and more! 

MovieMaker Magazine has named Indy Shorts International Film Festival one of the top 20 Best Short Film Festivals in the World for 2022. 

Indy Shorts is one of only 34 festivals in the world to have earned the special designation of being a qualifying festival for the Annual Academy Awards® for all three Short Film categories: Live Action, Documentary, and Animation. This means the winner of the Indy Shorts Grand Prize for Best Narrative Short, Grand Prize for Best Documentary Short, and Grand Prize for Best Animated Short will qualify for consideration in the Short Films category of the Annual Academy Awards® without the standard theatrical run, provided the film otherwise complies with the Academy rules. Over the years, 29 films featured at Indy Shorts/HIFF have been nominated with eight going on to win Oscars®!

Our mission to curate, promote and celebrate thoughtful and engaging films from diverse perspectives remains at the forefront of everything we do. This past year, we were able to award more than $30,000 in cash prizes, present over 200 films on a secure virtual platform, host both indoor and outdoor screenings, and achieve the 5050X2020 Parity Pledge with 50% of the Festival’s lineup directed and co-directed by women. 


2023 marks the the Sixth Annual Indy Shorts International Film Festival, and we are so excited to celebrate with you! Stay tuned on our social media @HeartlandFilm for the latest updates on our upcoming Indy Shorts! #IndyShorts2023

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Submissions for #IndyShorts2022 are now closed.

Be a part of the largest short film festival in the Midwest by submitting your film later this year!

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Igmar von Hitchcoppola - better known as "Iggy" - is the official short spokesgnome for the Indy Shorts International Film Festival. 

Iggy loves three things in life more than just about anything else - flowers, beer, and most of all: film.

Originally created by the Bohlsen Group, Iggy can be seen all around our summer shorts Festival, and is more than happy to have a photo taken with every film fan he comes across! 



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One of MovieMaker's Best Short Film Festivals of 2022

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Over $90,000 Awarded to Filmmakers since 2018

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Academy Award®- Qualifying Festival


High School Film Competition

Indy Shorts also runs the High School Film Competition. Launched in 2010, the High School Film Competition encourages tomorrow’s filmmakers to follow their passion and create short films that push their talents, creativity and art to the next level.


Shorts made by talented high school students from around the world, compete for the $2,000 Summer White Lynch Memorial Award, underwritten by Gary D. & Marlene Cohen, and the Best Student Film Awards in categories of Narrative, Documentary, Animated, Indiana Spotlight ($500 Cash Prize each). 

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#IndyShorts2022 Awards

Grand Prize for Narrative Short

$5,000 Grand Prize

Academy Award®-Qualifying


​Grand Prize for Documentary Short

$5,000 Grand Prize

Academy Award®-Qualifying

Grand Prize for Animated Short

$5,000 cash prize

Academy Award®-Qualifying

Summer White Lynch Memorial Award

(High School Short)

$2,000 cash prize

Underwritten by Gary D. & Marlene Cohen

Jenni Berebitsky Legacy Award

$1,800 cash prize

Indiana Spotlight Award

$1,500 cash prize

Heartland Horror Award

$1,000 cash prize

Best Comedy Short

$1,000 cash prize

Best Directorial Debut

$1,000 cash prize

Student Film Awards

(Narrative, Documentary, Animated, Indiana Spotlight)

$1,000 cash prizes

High School Film Competition Category Winners

(Narrative, Documentary, Animated, Indiana Spotlight)

$500 cash prizes

Audience Choice Awards

$250 cash prizes

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Rewinding three decades of Heartland Film history.