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Over the years, the Heartland Film Pioneering Spirit Awards have honored individuals who have embodied Heartland Film's mission; those whose work has inspired conversation, ignited imagination, and shifted perspectives. The Pioneering Spirit Award honors individuals in the prime of their career (recent past honorees include Colman Domingo, Ben Proudfoot, Will Smith, Jessica Biel and Geoffrey Rush), and the Pioneering Spirit: Lifetime Achievement Award celebrates the full career contributions of an individual (recent honorees include Ann Dowd, Cloris Leachman, Michael Apted, Brian Dennehy, and Rob Reiner). The Pioneering Spirit: Rising Star Award is reserved for young and up-and-coming talent, highlighted most recently by Woody Norman (C’MON C’MON), and Vanessa Hudgens back in 2014.

*Names with an asterisk denote Pioneering Spirit: Rising Star winners.

PSA: Winners


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