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Congratulations on your acceptance into the 2022 Heartland Film Festival! This truly is an incredible honor as we only accept around 10% of the film that are submit! We are thrilled have the chance to showcase your film to our film loving community.


You are the most important VIP at our Festival, so before the Fest even begins, here is a complete guide of all of our tips to have the best possible experience with tips on everything from social media and red carpets to places to stay and filmmaker parties!

With 100+ films in our festival it is nearly impossible for us to effectively showcase every film on our social platforms. But with your help, we can get the word out together! Help us, help you! The more you post and tag, the more we can share, like and comment!



Post on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter about your screenings and film

  • Tag handle: HeartlandFilm and #HIFF31

  • Don't forget to post the link to your film from our ticketing website!



  • Laurel - Add the Festival laurel to a still photo or film poster

  • Custom Graphics - We made custom #HIFF31 graphics for every film! Use these in social post to help promote your screening.

  • Graphic Templates - We made additional #HIFF31 graphic templates if you want to make more customized posts!

  • Filmmaker Social Media Toolkit - Our Social Media toolkit is simple to use. Just click post and festival graphics and content will automatically be shared to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.

  • Social Media Toolkit Ideas: (My film is in the 2022 Heartland Film Festival and tickets are on sale now!, Check out my film at the 2022 Heartland Film Festival next week!, My film is screening tomorrow at the Heartland Film Festival!, My film is screening today at the Heartland Film Festival!)


Post Ideas:

  • Pictures of you at the Festival

  • Stories

  • Trailers

  • Interviews

  • Share Heartland Film Posts


You are
       the most
important VIP

Social Media Tips


Go Viral with Virtual!

If your film is screening virtually, you have the opportunity to reach so many more people who don't have the opportunity to travel to the festival!


Take advantage of this unique time by emailing or texting your friends and family a link to you film's virtual screening! Below we've also included some graphic social media templates to help your posts!


Graphics for
Virtual Films

Capturing Media


Heartland Film will send out multiple press releases leading up to and during the festival. These are general press releases to provide media event details and a list of all the films. Premiere films will be highlighted at the  a atop of the announcement press release. While our media outreach will focus on the overall Festival promotion, feel free to reach out to media on your own too! We've provided a few media contacts below as well as some contacts to publicists. This is just a list of publicists that have reached to Heartland Film, but we have not vetted these contacts so please research them to make sure they meet your needs before hiring.



Bolhson Marketing

Well Done


CHER CULVER PR - reached out to me via email 



@cherculverpr on Instagram 

Cher Culver PR Facebook Page

@cherculverpr on Instagram 

Cher Ann Culver on IMDb 




Community Outreach

We love connecting films with local community groups and non-profits that have a common focus. If you know an Indianapolis based group that would be interested in you film let us know! Our Community Outreach and Education Coordinator can work with you to help make that connection!


You can email your ideas to Courtney Essett at


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Our Partners

Come Fest with Us! 

We want to meet you, celebrate your film, and hang out! At the Heartland Film Festival, we take great pride in our Hoosier hospitality. If you travel to our Festival, you're sure to be met with smiling faces, new friends, and an unforgettable experience. On top of just having a blast and seeing your film on the big screen, here are some benefits to attending the Festival in person.

  • Attendance is generally 10% or higher for screenings with filmmakers attending.

  • Films with attending filmmakers will be listed at the top of our daily newsletter.

  • Filmmaker interview requests are sent to attending filmmakers first.

  • We host daily filmmaker networking opportunities.

  • Filmmakers are invited to all of the parties.

  • Word of mouth is king! Being at the festival and talking about your film can impact the number of attendees that show up to your screening!  

  • Filmmaker Bag 

  • Access to staff

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Heartland Film Contacts


Greg Sorvig

Artistic Director

Julia Ricci

Senior Programmer


Jessica Chapman

Director of Marketing & Communications

Courtney Essett

Community Engagement & Educational Outreach Coordinator

Important Forms & Guides


Greg Sorvig

Artistic Director

Julia Ricci

Senior Programmer


Jessica Chapman

Director of Marketing & Communications

Courtney Essett

Community Engagement & Educational Outreach Coordinator